448KHz CET/RET RF TECAR Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening machine

448KHz Tecar CET/RET RF Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening machine

Model NO.: S-P50
General Details

How does it work?

Tecar technology is based on the proven CET & RET sytem.By working at a frequency of 448 kHz, three biological effects aregenerated: biostimulation, vascularization and hyperactivation.

These processes increase cellular metabolism, bood flow andcirculation, at the same time as they improve the oxygenation oftissues and cells. The effects also help generate new collagen fibers, detoxify the tissue and increase lymphaticdrainage.

svatar tecar 448Khz RF


For Aesthetics: Wrinkle Removal,Skin Rejuvenation,Fat Reduction,Body contouring,Cellulite Treatment etc.

Physical Treatments: Pain Relief(Joint,muscle,back),Wound Healing,Drainage etc.

Technical Info


Model NO.: S-P50
RF Frequency: 448 KHz
Controller: 10.1” HD Touch Screen
Max Power: 500 Watts
Handpiece: CAP+RES
Electrodes: Ceramic Electrodes×4

Metal Electrodes×4

Input Voltage: 110V/60Hz,230V/50Hz
Dimension: Machine Body: 43×30×28 cm

Cart: 55×40×85 cm

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