Er:YAG 2940nm Laser peeling


Advantage of Er:YAG
Erbium has a much higher absorption in the target chromophore water than CO2 which gives erbium the ability to vaporize tissue with very little thermal conduction. By contrast, due to its comparatively low absorption by water, CO2 lasers conduct a significant amount of heat into the tissue. The clinical significance of erbium’s superior ablation efficiency should be a critical factor in deciding which laser to add to one’s practice. Studies have shown that erbium lasers produce far fewer side effects such as the prolonged erythema and hypopigmentation that are common with CO2 lasers.


1. More precise treatments
2. Safer, both on body and face
3. Treats  more skin types
4. Shorter recovery time
5. Consistent and predictable results


1. Mild to deep wrinkles
2. Persistent peri-oral and peri-orbital deep rhytides
3. Acne scars, post-traumatic and surgical scars
4. Actinic keratoses
5. Pigmented lesions
6. Lax skin in all areas (including upper and lower blephs)
7. Poor skin tone/texture