Erbium fractional 1550nm Laser


How does it wok?

This machine works by deliverying multiple arrays of 1550nm microscopic laser beams to the skin, known as microscopic thermal zones. The treatment eliminates old epidermal pigmented cells and penetrates deep into the dermis, remolding collagen with stratum with microscopic treatment zone and long term regeneration. Dermis fiber thickens, micro wound heals quickly, skin restores smooth after several treatments, and the pigmentation risk is reduced effectively.

Adjustable depth of penetration(0.3-1.2mm)
Focus can be adjusted so the depth of laser penetration to skin can be controlled. Different skin problems occurred in different depth of skin can be solved accurately. Laser beam acts on pathological tissues of superficial or deep pigmentation and acne scar so reaches a precise treatment effect. Doctors can choose different focuses based on the situation of pathological tissues, do fine distinction to get the best effect.

Minor beam diameter
Minimum diameter of spot size can be 50цm, so the wound is small and surrounding normal tissue is damaged minimally. Tiny wound heals soon, which greatly reduces the risk of side effect and complication setting in. It is recognized as one of the safest and most efficient resurfacing laser system available today.



1. Matrix form scan assures uniform energy distribution per unit area so avoid pigmentation veins caused by inequable energy during the treatment.

2. High pulse energy with maximum 50mj. Adjustable scan density assures accurate treatment for pathological tissues.

3. Short operation time and efficient treatment.

4. There are two operation modes: static stamp and dynamic rolling. Proper operation mode can be selected according to different treatment area and cases, making the treatment more convenient.

5. Big spot with maximum 15x15mm. The treatment can be efficient for large treated area.

6. There are two scanning modes: circle scan rectangle scan. Scan area can be adjusted freely. It reaches a better effect for different treated areas and patterns.

7. Infrared infection assures output of laser beam only occurs when the tip is fully in contact with skin. The treatment is very safe so avoid any risk of accident.

8. The interface is designed intellectually and clearly and easy to understand, allowing operator to learn the operation soon and easily.



Scars reduction: Acne scar, surgical scar, burn scar, traumatic scar

Skin resurfacing: Aging wrinkle, rough and flabby skin, large pores

Vegeture treatment: Striae, growth striation and striae distensae

Pigmented lesions: Sun spots, age spots, melasma