Bi-polar RF skin lift S-300


1. How does it work?

The system adopts a capacity coupling electrode to deliver radio waves and create an electric field passing through the skin layer and getting into the hypodermia. The electric field exchanges the polarity 5 million times/second under high frequency of 5 MHz. To respond the extreme speed of electrode, particle charging particle of skin have to exchange directions in the same frequency, by which natural electric resistance of the hypodermia moves and creates heat energy. With the feature that derma collagen extends, recombines and reproduces when the temperature reaches to 60℃-70℃, the skin gets tightened and wrinkles get removed.

2. Applications

Face lift-up and shaping, forehead, eyes, mouth, cheek, mandible, chin tightening.
Shoulder, hands, waist and abdomen, back, butt slimming.
Eye angle lift,removal crow's feet.

3. Advantages

1) Innovative RF slimming technique, brand new clinic treatment method.
2) Non-operative, non-invasive, safe, comfortable, effective.
3) Humanized designing man-computer interactive interface, clear parameter, easy handling.
4) Computer CPU controlling system, supply a good platform for future upgrading.
5) Streamline designing, luster Hi-tech sense.
6) Continuous cooling system and RF outputing rate, make the treatment safe and comfortable.
7) Multi handles designing, different handle for face, eyes and body.
8) Modularized assembling, clear structure, easy to maintain, upgradable.

4. Specifications

RF Energy: 5MHz
Cooling temperature: 2℃-8℃
Cooling system: water cooling
Input Voltage: 100Vac~240Vac 50/60Hz