Diode Lasermore>>

808nm Diode Laser hair removal DHR501
808nm Diode Laser hair removal, 500Watts laser modular,TEC cooling, water filtering, fast depilation

HIFU machinemore>>

4D HIFU machine 1-12 Lines
4D HIFU machine 1-12 Lines

Shockwave Therapymore>>

Shockwave Therapy machine SWT04
Shockwave Therapy machine SWT04

LED Light Therapy machinemore>>

new PDT LED Bio-Light machine 2.0
new LED Bio-Light machine 2 0, LED light therapy machine, PD...

Intense Pulsed Lightmore>>

Portable two handles IPL HR+SR machine TS-001S
Portable two handles IPL HR+SR machine TS-001, fast hair removal, skin rejuvenation,pigmentation removal

Q-Switched Nd:Yag Lasermore>>

500W Nd:Yag Laser L-501
500W Nd:Yag Laser,1064nm 532nm 1320nm,for tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal,carbon laser

eLight Skin Rejuvenationmore>>

3-in-1 Laser beauty machine S-900
eLight+Bi-polar RF+Nd:Yag Laser,for tattoo removal, epilation,pig...

Fractional RFmore>>

Mini Fractional RF device SRF-301
Mini Fractional RF device SRF-301, with three tips, unlimited shots

Cavitation and RF systemmore>>

Portable Cavitation+RF CAVITAR
portable Cavitation+RF system CAVITAR, with 40Khz and 2MHz, hi...

Personal Caremore>>

Laser scalp care ST-101B
Microcurrent Laser scalp care machine